Saturday, December 13, 2008

What kind of work??? Team work

An important lesson a worship leader can learn is to work well with others. This revelation in worship leading is a freeing practice. It also seems simple. Play nice boys...that's how it was put when I was younger. In a worship band situation trusting and listening to the other members that have an instrumentation idea, practice idea, or really any idea is very important. We are all working toward making an impact for Jesus. Are we as worship leaders to think our opinion is the only valid one???
Nope. I want to make a side note here and say that you should have a clear vision about the direction of your team. And team includes alot in today's production worship services. Lighting, Media, Computers, Video, Live Sound guy, Recording sound guy, Monitor sound guy, programmers, and everything else I can think of (that God has not blessed me with yet).

It's important to work well with those God brings together. When all those creative minds work together the outcome is......IMPACT. That's our goal. Life change for Jesus. We can't do that if we are on our own. God did not design us to be on our own. I was watching Wonder Pets yesterday ( I have a 2 year old okay...) and I was reminded of this Title of the post. It's true. There is no better more productive work...than team work.