Saturday, January 16, 2010

10 Awesome Moments at DPC 2009

#4 I think....that's where we left off.
Kids Jamm!!!! It's kinda like our take of VBS but on some serious roids!!! We reached so many kids during those Sunday Nights in August. I don't know numbers but we saw many children make a committment to Jesus during those weeks. We as staff followed up with the kids that made commitments and had an amazing Baptism which is #5 awesome moment. The momentum from Kids Jamm to that Baptism service was amazing!!!!
Life change is that goal with our church. We want to see Jesus come and make a change in our lives. Kids Jamm and Baptism parties were AWESOME THIS YEAR!!! I can't wait until next Year's Kids Jamm. The bigger the better!!!!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

10 Awesome Moments at DPC 2009

#6 Awesome Moment of 2009 was Servolution in August!!!! This is a time when we as staff and leaders recognize everyone who volunteers to make DpC a lifechanging church. We had an very meaningful dinner on a Saturday and shared an amazing video produced by a wonderful guy (James Greene) and ate food and enjoyed each other's company. This was a night where the volunteers got to sit back and be served! I think this weekend is a beautiful thing for our volunteers. I spoke with Kathy (Java Point Leader) and she said we have a culture of vounteering here at Discover Point. She's right...and letting everyone know how important they are to this God given mission was an awesome moment!!!!