Monday, January 12, 2009

Transitions and Flow of Worship

We all know how important sharing a song perfectly is. The band has to hit hard and together. The singers and band have to commit to the truth being shared. The Leader has to know when to and where to move during the worship. But how important is the transition to the flow of worship? Is it distracting when a capo is moved or a hard 1234 count starts off a new worship song?

I think that transition is what makes an amazing worship leader and not just a willing song leader. When I have sat in worship services where I was not at all focused on transition from one song to the next are the times where God built my faith in Him. I am not a master at transitions but here are some tips to help:

  1. Think about key transitions. You may find that songs in close keys are very naturally buddies. They work well together and can help protect the flow of service.
  2. Using transition devices. Prayers which is the most common because the worship leader only has to understand the transition. The band can set during the brief moment or focus deeper on God themselves. Videos are great transition tools too. Videos that impact for Jesus are a powerful tools and can help with flow. Scripture is an amazing transition tool as well. Hiding God's word in your heart helps to lead people into a deeper worship experience with God.
  3. Having band members that have a clue. One of the best things that ever happened to my worship leading is another worship leader in the band. He automatically fills holes in the worship set, and is thinking ahead to what would make the flow smoother.
  4. Training the band. Sharing with the band the importance of transitions and take their input on how to make amazing worship.
  5. Lastly, Evaluate. Talk with your pastor, wife, friend, or mentor (if you're lucky enough to have one) about transitions and see if they are ever distracted during your leading. What do they notice and then how can you change that. If your service has video that is great!!! Watch it and see if you are distracted.
Thanks and remember...step away from the are not alone.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

10 Awesome Moments at DPC 2009

God has blessed me with an amazing church. Perfect...well no, but amazing yes. This month has reminded me that we are a church that is not satisfied with where we are at....I remember last Christmas and what DPc looked like then. 50-80 on Sundays, loud muffled music, curtains on the roof, kids in teacher's classrooms, set and take down each week, lighting was a struggle, volunteers were a struggle...but it wasn't all down in the dumps. Lives were changing, and Jesus was being worshiped but we all knew we needed to take some risks in order to reach more see that's one thing we will never be satisfied with. We can never reach enough people. And if you look at our world you would see that most people need to have an encounter with God, so there is a seemly unlimited number of people to reach...(sorry to ramble)

This year has been amazing....we moved locations, and I have started seeing lives changed...which is the reason we are here as a church...

I am going to be sharing some awesome moments that I felt were huge for us this year!!!!

1# Philip's leadership to get us into the Parker Road Campus!!!!! You may not know this but He almost singlehandedly searched for locations to move to and prayed hard over each possible location. When Parker Road came on the scene we went to the Rockdale county zoning committee to get a special use permit....well a few of us showed up and expected a quick yes...thanks. We got a big fat recommended "no." (not enough parking)...we were all floored and Philip probably the most. We had a little under a week before the final city counsel meeting where the recommendation would be taken or not. Philip spoke with every city counsel member, he spoke with business around us, he worked up papers, worked out parking issues and shared it with all involved. He gathered a large group of church members to come and sit in at the meeting. Mayor Randy Mills and the rest of the guys saw that we worked it out and saw fit to not take the recommendation and thus we were able to meet where we are now!!!!! prayer and an attitude that didn't say no God couldn't over come that....Good job dude.

More coming!!!!!!