Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This is the Day

This is the Day that God has's a choice to rejoice in it. Maybe it's the day that God calls you into his service. Maybe it's the day that you meet your future wife or husband. Maybe it's the day that your child is born. maybe it's the day that your child passes away. Maybe it's automatically joyful or Maybe we have to make a choice. The bible says "this is the day that the Lord has made, Let us rejoice and be glad in it." This verse is a beautiful example of why the bible is so amazing. This verse is so simple, but takes on a whole different meaning with each life experience. I love that about God's word.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Morning Quarterbacking...

  • This Week was Amazing at DPC!!!!
  • The band rocked it out and started with Starfield.
  • Chris and Kenna welcomed us to church in a very unique way. If you missed it too bad. Catch it another time.
  • Maybe Brad will place it on youtube?
  • Don't do it!!! so funny Sorry if you missed it.
  • Philip nailed it this week with pursuing your spouse and getting some accountability in our lives.
  • Next week is another Home Improvements Series....about Finances.
  • We all need wisdom from the Bible about finances. You gotta come and and participate.
  • on a side note a New Blog coming!!!! A blog about the Creative Process at Discover Point.
  • It's coming soon.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Arts Information Last Sunday

Great in All the Earth by Starfield

Wholly Yours by David Crowder Band
Beautiful Jesus by Kristian Stanfield

Rescue by Hillsong United

Never Let Go by Matt Redman

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

4 years this Past Sunday!!!!

The Staff during a 11-6 win Sunday at the park.

  • What a journey we have had at Discover Point Church.
  • This Sunday was awesome.
  • The band came out with Revelation by Third day and Archer nailed it.
  • the Service was transitioned awesome which gave us almost too much time.
  • Production and the band worked well together this week
  • Philip shared that in the future God has some amazing Plans for us. 2 services, community projects, online outreaches, global domination ...(just kidding about that last one)
  • We are at the beginning of something huge and passionate for Jesus.
  • I am so glad that God has called me here to lead and serve.
  • What's next for us???? Well trust me you will be a big part of it if you open up to what God has for you here at DPC.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Arts Information Last Sunday

Revelation by Third Day

For Your Name by Hillsong
Remain by Starfield

God of this City by Chris Tomlin

I want to Love You by Todd Fields

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Here is Oliver the Son of Dewayne and Brandi Dorsey. He is precious and Lisa took some awesome pictures that you should look at. And Ethan is below him with his conductor's cap on. Both are the first born sons of their fathers and are more precious than any other person in the world to their Daddys. Which brings me to a point I've been thinking about......

It is 100% clear to me that God wants all of me. when I read the Bible I see people that gave 100% even to the point of death for Jesus. I don't see that fire as much anymore in followers. I know for myself that God wants me to rely on him daily. He wants to be my food, my daily bread (Proverbs 30.) So why is it so hard to be 100% for Him? It seems that what is most basic (reading the Bible daily, praying, meditating) are the most difficult for me. I can work entire days, building teams, lead meetings, teach truths, and build relationships, but the most basic part of following Jesus is the most hard. Now why is that?

He did not give his son on the cross so that I could be a kinda good Christian. I need to step it up.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Morning Quarterbacking...

  • Another week of remembrance that led us to the Lord's Supper.
  • It's amazing to remember what Jesus has given for us.
  • what can we give to him???
  • How can we take that next step of maturity for him?
  • What is it?????
  • The Music was a little more intimate this week which is nice every once in a while.
  • Cole, James, and Lisa all rocked the acoustic set and We sang of the Father's love for us....
  • Holywood was quick for me since I needed to get back into the service for the Lord's supper!!!!
  • Production was amazing this week and Joe knocked it out of the park with Propresenter....
  • What an amazing team we have working here at DPC.
  • It's kinda funny when you think about the number of people that work together to draw this community to Jesus.
  • We work hard, sometimes long hours in order to have smooth transitions, smart creative content, Biblical truths, and passionate worship.....all the work is in not (ourselves) being noticed BUT WE WANT PEOPLE TO NOTICE JESUS and be drawn to Him by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Philip is back and led some trivia which was funny and James Greene rocked out the Beverly Hill Cop theme.....(which the lighting was awesome during!!!)
  • 4 years and we are really just beginning!!!!!
  • STaff versus Volunteers football game at the Park across the street.
  • Picnic starts at 1pm!!! the Service beings at 10:30am!!!!!!
  • I hope to see you there.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Arts Info....

Beverly Hills Cop Theme

Son of God by Todd Fields
How Deep the Fathers Love for us
A greater Song by Paul Baloche

Exalted (Yahweh) by Chris Tomlin

Noone like our God by David Walker

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Are hand motions your thing??? Do you love to sing songs to God in front of children while leading hand motions??? Let me know....I need you in Holywood on Sundays//......

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Kids Jamm Pictures

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kids Jamm 2009!!!!

Kids are amazing!!!!! They look at life with fresh eyes! I think that's why we love to watch them. They can make looking at a popcorn maker an amazing event.