Saturday, August 8, 2009

Smiley's Fleamarket in Macon, GA

What things in your life are important to you? I have alot of things that mean alot to me. My wife and friends/family helped get me a song writer's my dream guitar that I could never means lot to me....I started thinking about STUFF. and i was in Macon, GA this weekend and stopped by Smiley's fleamarket....amazing place. over a mile of people trying to sell STUFF. some of it junk, some of it kinda cool but still I have never seen so much stuff in one place in all my life. I can't wait to hear how Philip communicates about the need for stuff that we have in America....
I took some video of smiley's for your enjoyment...It's a different world in there..


I am david. said...
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House of Collinsworth said...

Hope you don't bring any of that junk home!!! :o) Love you!!!