Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wow!!! Not enough time in the day to blog...sorry it's been so long. Okay...I have been learning about how radical Jesus was. Think about this....he claimed that he was the Son of God and to be treated equal with God to the Jewish people. The Jews had alot of rules and laws to follow which helped them remain clean before a Holy Jesus claimed to be equal with that Holiness. the First Commandment is thou shalt not have any gods before me...and Jesus was claiming to God.
Now that is bold. He claimed and later proved that God the father had placed all judgment with the Son and that if you honor the son you honor the father. I can understand why the religious people were upset with him. He was turning their religion upside down in their mind.

Insight of the Day --- Sin can ensnare has cords that will tangle up your life.