Monday, December 7, 2009

Discipline not Desire.

I was reminded of something God is teaching me this year. Now I know I should already be thinking of what God is teaching me, but for me life is crazy and fast. I go to work, and work can be really crazy. It takes a good 9-10 hours 5 days a week...which is pretty much the norm for anyone working in the real world. I have family which deserves time...i love my son, and my wife. I enjoy listening to Lisa's day, and playing mario cart with Ethan. He's really good at it...3 year old or not. He's good. I have church plans, schedules, practices, ...basically I have alot going on.

Well that is my reasons for forgetting about what God is teaching me at times.....I was trying to be convincing. Here's a quote i's discipline, not desire that get's us to our destinations...

I want to be a deeper follower, a more spirit led worship leader, a healthier dad and husband, a more inspirational leader, and so much more....but for me it all comes down to the basics.

Taking the time and spending it with Jesus. Discipline is my problem....desire has never been a problem for me.


House of Collinsworth said...

I know just what you mean...

Neetz said...

Hi ya :) Im new to your blog, but am enjoying reading your posts, but this one I just wanted to yell "AMEN" at! That's totally how I'm feeling in my worship leading, and life in genera1.... I have oodles of desire, I just need to work on the "discipline" aspect!
All the best.
Juanita (from New Zealand) :)