Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Morning Quarterbacking...

  • I played my new guitar this week at church while I led. The guitar sounded amazing the songs went amazing. I think our church connected with the truths we sang and were impacted for Jesus. That is my goal is to lead people closer and deeper with Jesus. A strange thing happened during the worship left hand went completely numb. At first I thought I was so happy playing my new guitar that I was having a heartattack!!!! After inspecting my new guitar and checking with my old one I realized that the gibson's neck is much wider and will not allow for me to rest my palm on the back. That's a lazy way to play anyways but a habit that I have embraced.
  • Philip and Jeff shared some strongholds and gave some practical solutions!!! Good job
  • 10 visitors on a snowy icy sunday!! Now that is proof there is a God.
  • Burt's new need to say anything else.
  • Dave playing a crazy country song at the end of the service.... not cool.
  • The band hit hard...maybe too hard I saw ears bleeding. jk
  • Lisa and I going to Macon and back on the biggest snow day of the year was not the smartest thing we have ever done.
God has amazing things planned for DPC in the next few weeks!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!