Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Morning Quarterbacking....

  • Another amazing day at Discover Point.
  • I find it funny that it snowed 2 sundays ago, was stinkin HOT a week ago, and was cold and rainy this past sunday.
  • We are 100% united as a church on reaching this area with Jesus Christ.
  • I think our solution right now is gettting into that new space...
  • We have a our work cut out for us as a staff to keep problems in front of us and keep coming up with solutions ie....a problem...60% of Conyers has no need for churches...the relevant in service, worship, messages, video, kids program....
  • Project Green is right around the corner and it's the start of an amazing focus of discoverpoint
  • Philip did a great job of sharing himself this week.
  • He finished up Identity Theft this week and the entire series was great!!!!!
  • My guitar signal kept going in and out during the set which kept me completely helpless.
  • We rocked Reign in us by Starfield and we will rock it again at the Cherry Blossom Fesitival. this time with a drummer!!!!
  • It's always great to see everyone at DPC and I missed some that were away!!!!1
  • Next week is one more week closer to Parker Road
  • I realized this week that our website is a gateway to our church. Almost everyone who comes went there first.
  • Congrats to Brien getting married this Saturday!!!!! Go make some sheet music dude!!!