Friday, March 27, 2009

Playing to strengths.

My Life has been very busy these days getting ready to move into Parker rd, conducting the wedding of 2 different couples, Lisa being pregnant, and playing in a community band ( At times I feel a bit helpless because I am not really gifted in construction and have not helped out that much over at Parker road. I find that playing to my strengths is a good way for me to stay engaged where God has me. I think that is important to play to your strengths. Philip is gifted at alot of things. Raising money for this ministry, networking, pulling teams together to get a job done. Brad our media guy is great at working out the mechanics of services, events, and outreach ideas. Brien is a gifted worship leader and knows instinctively how to structure the flow of worship during services. Jeff is a dot connector for us. More on dot connectors in another post.

Even Jesus didn't try to do it all himself. He had 12 guys who were gifted in different areas and then gave the commission that we would do greater things..... If we are going to impact placing gifted people in the right spot is essential.

I spoke