Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Late Monday Morning Quarterbacking...

  • Play Groups are starting in June....get into one that interests YOU.
  • Jeff shared this week and nailed it!!!! I must say this was the best I have ever heard him speak and I can't wait until I get to hear him again.
  • The Good News is you are rich and the Bad News is you are rich....
  • How many of us spend our lives running after tickets to buy 30 dollar yo-yos?
  • You have got to visit TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO GO HERE!
  • Brian Mathews joined the band this week and added an acoustic flavor to our sound on the congas. Great Job and thanks.
  • We had a laid back feel this week, which is almost opposite of our normal strong exciting sound.
  • I personally love more quiet and intimate moments but I am over 30 I am getting too old to jam all the time.
  • Philip was out of town up at Liberty.
  • He serves on a board that plants hundreds of churches every year.
  • We continue to dive into "How to be rich" this week!!!!
  • This is good stuff....
  • And for those that saw our Satan interview............HILARIOUS.
  • He doesn't cheat on his taxes...he uses TurboTax.
  • visit our other staff blogs....
  • Brad's Blog Brien's Blog I would put Philip's up here but there's no point...jk