Monday, May 4, 2009

Worship + One

Worship + One is a concept that we encourage all members of Discover Point Church to apply.
We decided along time ago to do a few things well and Sunday Morning is our main outreach.

WORSHIP ---- We have put alot of time, energy, and money into our Sunday Morning Environment. We want everyone in Rockdale/Newton Counties to come!!!! We try to be creative, innovative, topical, relevant, biblical, and exciting in our series content. We spend alot of money and time to make it happen through material for Discover Kids, Nursery equipment, Java point coffee bar stuff, lighting, technology, audio/visual, and THE BUILDING ITSELF IS STICKIN' EXPENSIVE.... We do this well. Our Sunday Morning Environment rocks!!!!! The volunteers that make it happen all rock!!!!! God is doing something on Sunday Mornings on Parker Road!!! No doubt about that.
We want to create a place that unchurched people can't wait to come to...and Sunday Moring is it.

+ ONE ---- We also don't want our members to be at church all the time. Pick one other thing to get involved with at Discover Point Church. After + one.... go and coach your kids little league, or get involved in a local book out in the you are in the community let people know either through actions or words (hopefully both) that you are a Christ-follower and that you LOVE Discover Point Church...

Our idea is attend church, serve somewhere and get involved in the community. We can do more good for God being involved than keeping to ourselves inside a little church country club!!@!!!