Monday, May 18, 2009

What I think about you.....

Here is a what I think about you moment.... There are people in your life that help you along and make you a better person...and Brien Duke is one of those people in my life. Here's what got me thinking about him this week......

I was watching some old videos with Lisa yesterday and we stumbled upon alot of Ethan which is understandable because he is to cute not to video. We also found some older worship times at Discover Point. This was back when we were at the movie theater and you think it's loud now at Parker Road, well we used to turn it all up at the movie theater and gave no thought to hearing loss if you know what I mean. I noticed that Brien had gained a little over the years which makes me happy for obvious reasons. And i thought about how thankful I am have Brien as a lead worshipper at DPC. God has given and moved us over the years and I am thankful for each person that has given into our church through worship or production but Brien is a very special person in my life. It's amazing to look back and see how much God has used Brien at our church. He is a gifted worship leader and has been an answered prayer in my life from the beginning of our friendship.
I am adding a picture of Brien and me. He is a great guy and make sure to tell him on Sunday that he is awesome!!!