Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Here is Oliver the Son of Dewayne and Brandi Dorsey. He is precious and Lisa took some awesome pictures that you should look at. And Ethan is below him with his conductor's cap on. Both are the first born sons of their fathers and are more precious than any other person in the world to their Daddys. Which brings me to a point I've been thinking about......

It is 100% clear to me that God wants all of me. when I read the Bible I see people that gave 100% even to the point of death for Jesus. I don't see that fire as much anymore in followers. I know for myself that God wants me to rely on him daily. He wants to be my food, my daily bread (Proverbs 30.) So why is it so hard to be 100% for Him? It seems that what is most basic (reading the Bible daily, praying, meditating) are the most difficult for me. I can work entire days, building teams, lead meetings, teach truths, and build relationships, but the most basic part of following Jesus is the most hard. Now why is that?

He did not give his son on the cross so that I could be a kinda good Christian. I need to step it up.