Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Morning Quarterbacking...

  • This Week was Amazing at DPC!!!!
  • The band rocked it out and started with Starfield.
  • Chris and Kenna welcomed us to church in a very unique way. If you missed it too bad. Catch it another time.
  • Maybe Brad will place it on youtube?
  • Don't do it!!! so funny Sorry if you missed it.
  • Philip nailed it this week with pursuing your spouse and getting some accountability in our lives.
  • Next week is another Home Improvements Series....about Finances.
  • We all need wisdom from the Bible about finances. You gotta come and and participate.
  • on a side note a New Blog coming!!!! A blog about the Creative Process at Discover Point.
  • It's coming soon.


Brad Wiliams said...

No you were the one one who could hear them because they never got close enough tot the mic.