Tuesday, September 15, 2009

4 years this Past Sunday!!!!

The Staff during a 11-6 win Sunday at the park.

  • What a journey we have had at Discover Point Church.
  • This Sunday was awesome.
  • The band came out with Revelation by Third day and Archer nailed it.
  • the Service was transitioned awesome which gave us almost too much time.
  • Production and the band worked well together this week
  • Philip shared that in the future God has some amazing Plans for us. 2 services, community projects, online outreaches, global domination ...(just kidding about that last one)
  • We are at the beginning of something huge and passionate for Jesus.
  • I am so glad that God has called me here to lead and serve.
  • What's next for us???? Well trust me you will be a big part of it if you open up to what God has for you here at DPC.