Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Leaders Vs Managers

Here is a portion of Tony Morgan's Blog.... I like should read the whole thing!!!!!

  • In their book First, Break All the Rules, Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman defined both roles like this:
  • Managers – “Great managers look inward. They look inside the company, into each individual, into the differences in style, goals, needs, and motivation of each person. These differences are small, subtle, but great managers need to pay attention to them. These subtle differences guide them toward the right way to release each person’s unique talents into performance.”
  • Leaders – “Great leaders look outward. They look out at the competition, out at the future, out at alternative routes forward. They focus on broad patterns, finding connections, cracks, and then press home their advantage where the resistance is weakest. They must be visionaries, strategic thinkers, activators. When played well, this is, without doubt, a critical role. But it doesn’t have much to do with the challenge of turning one individual’s talents into performance.”