Friday, June 12, 2009

What I think about you...

Here is a what I think about you moment.... There are people in your life that help you along and make you a better person...Daniel McCullers is one of those people in my life.

Daniel is our Summer Intern at Discover Point Church. He is staying at Jeff's house (our admin pastor.) So call him to see when the next big party is!!!!! Just kidding Jeff.

We are having him clean up things at the church, and make things, he has been with production for a few weeks, and then played with the band for a week, he is going to do every thing there is to do here. He is a student at Liberty university and is studying worship arts (i think that is what it's called.) He is a great guitar player, song writer, and just an all around creative person.

I have known Daniel for years and years!!! I can honestly say that my life is better for having known him. Good guy. Lisa and I call him our son away at college... Daniel was a candle lighter in my wedding. He and another guy walked down the aisle side by side and started lighting the thousands of candles (an small exageration) we had in our wedding. Daniel could not get one candle lite. He tried for 10 minutes, then finished the candles and came back and tried again for what seemed like an hour. The other guys had finished way before daniel and then just walked off and left him out there... it was a kinda funny story that I have on him so I thought...why not share it. Just watching him so intensely trying to light 1 candle infront of 200 people was hillarious!!! And by the way he never got it lite.