Friday, June 12, 2009

Sunday Lookback

I'm so late looking at Sunday this week that I had to rename my post....

(picture is from Todd Fields new CD)

  • Brien shared from the book of Romans on Sunday and completely led me into worship of Jesus.

  • We had a ton of people there and I pray that continues.

  • I love that guy and he can truly rock on Sundays.

  • The music was great and the entire band seemed to mesh (if that's truly a word.)

  • on a Side note I am at work today and I just talked to a really dumb head.

  • Those kinda people are not the kind you want to see this early in the morning.

  • Anyways..... We had a world renowned speaker at our church this morning!!!!

  • Andy Stanley....through video for ONE PRAYER.

  • It's exciting to be a part of praying with thousands of churches for God to change something.....

  • Connections cards were not used this week and I need to figure out another way to get the info from the people.

  • I am thinking add it with an event sheet....Brad is making one I think.

  • One young man this week decided to follow Christ!

  • Baptism Celebration this week on Sunday from 3- whenever! Almost 20 getting dipped.

  • and FREE FOOD!!!! (If you call hotdogs food.)

  • I think we need to bring chips or a drink with you when you come....

  • We are still constantly working through sound issues, monitor issues, tv monitor issues, lighting deals, programming, planning, videos making, band scheduling, and ect.

  • I can't wait for this week at Discover Point.....Leading Worship is such a blessing for me. I love singing about what Jesus has done, and leading his people closer to Him.

  • seeyalater.


Brad Williams said...

The momentum keeps building and building.......