Thursday, June 4, 2009

Listening to God

Now this is a tough subject. How do you listen to God? As a worship leader and Pastor I have never actually heard God tell me to make this decision. But I can say that I know what God wants me to do alot of the time. Through prayer, and the Bible, and listening to other followers God speaks to me. Through other worship leaders, and song writers God speaks to me. I can see His movement at our church through these areas. The fact that we are going to be baptizing almost 15 people at our baptism celebration is God speaking to us.

Let's keep our ears open. I had an instance recently where God started speaking to me. He used my wife...which when Lisa has something to say about anything in my life I listen because she is an expert on all things david. God has used her many times and he spoke through her on this case. Then a buddy gave me some guidance on the same subject, Then I was given motivation from disrespect that I believe God used to push me. (I need that sometimes ya know.)

So this is where I stand......Listening and waiting for God's next word to me....what could it be and where will I go? Fishing with E again maybe??